Minnesota Intercultural Center for Arts and Heritage

Moving Beyond Tolerance to Allophilia

Why a Multicultural Center in Minnesota?

The east metro has seen an explosion of diverse populations, particularly outside the urban core. A new Multicultural Center would foster positive community relations and dismantle common misunderstandings. The new Center would fill a gap in the area for a welcoming, flexible, iconic meeting space that would foster dialogue between different cultures and build community.

Minnesota has a long history of leading the conversation on human rights, inclusion and equal rights. This facility would recognize the long legacy of advocates in Minnesota and inspire civic engagement of users to further this important work.

Project Goals:

To promote unity and understanding among cultures through programming and design of a new Minnesota Intercultural Center for Arts and Heritage (MICAH).Project Goals:

Project Objectives:

  • The center will promote education and resource opportunities for all participants.
  • The center will provide collaborative spaces.
  • The center will allow for multiple cultural activities to take place simultaneously.
  • The center will enhance or impact occupant interactions.

Guiding Principles:

This project will be successful if…

  • …it provides for multigenerational programming.
  • …it accommodates a diverse population.
  • …it promotes unity and understanding among different cultures.
  • …it is always full of people.
  • …both the building and landscape support programming.
  • …it is community driven.

This project must…

  • …include lots of natural light.
  • …be energy efficient/use resources wisely.
  • …provide welcoming outdoor and indoor spaces.
  • …provide/support desirable programming.


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